Case Studies

iGaming Business

iGaming Business has been involved in the iGaming sector for over 8 years. They specialise in publishing and providing high level information to the iGaming sector. Their London Affiliate Conference in Old Billingsgate required a reliable wireless solution for both the delegates and exhibitors. Unfortunately this had not been the case on previous years and Attend 2 where brought in to ensure it was reliable this year. With over 1000 people logging in over the 2 days and the whole building requiring coverage, a bespoke solution was required.


Attend 2 deployed 15 wireless access points. These were centrally controlled to constantly monitor the network health to provide the best solution in terms of channel selection and signal strength. Once up and running engineers monitored the network to check for weak spots and identify them before users noticed. A further Access point was deployed during the 1st morning to reduce the strain on a particular AP that delegates seemed to be converging around.


A captive portal ensured only registered users got online and provided the client an opportunity to brand the landing page. All authenticated users where dropped into an advertisement page for the next event before being allowed to proceed to the internet.



Absolute AV - Cambridge

Our client had been holding an event in Cambridge every year; and every year the internet had caused head aches, from dropped connections and slow ping times (causing VPN problems) to lines just not getting installed on time.



Attend 2 where called in to fit a faster and more reliable link, a survey was carried out and at the clients requested a day's testing. The test went by without a hitch until the client ended the test early and turned off the equipment their end. They where surprised to get a call from us seconds later as our equipment had thrown up alarms saying the connection had dropped!


The connection for the week of the event was 8Mb/s Down and 8Mb/s up it was installed on the Saturday with all the other IT equipment and de rigged 7 days later.


The event has now expanded with Attend 2 providing 13 phones and a small local wired and wireless network for the delegates. The main incomer has also increased to a temporary leased line at 20Mbps.



Islington County Council

Medium Ranage Wifi

Our client required a connection in a building close to their existing property. Using long range fixed Wireless we installed a system for 4 days. The throughput was in excess of 108Mb/s which was "just like being in the office".

The link passed through 2 windows, a massive concrete and metal supporting pillar and a tree. Whilst in open air they can run at 15Km here we had to run them at 1/2 power due to the number of obstacles in its path!


We also provided a small distribution in the temporary office to allow all the staff to conect back to the internet and intranet.




London - Oxford Circus

Our client required a connection in the middle of Oxford Street. Unfortunately at the time it was outside our broadband coverage area. The client did own the building opposite and had a high speed connection. We provided the wireless link across the road and onto the site.

wireless link  wireless link

The building was victorian and therefore had metal windows creating a faraday cage effect, residential systems wouldn't have had the range, reliability or speed required for such a link. The throughput was well above the incoming 11Mb/s connection and ping times where not delayed by the link.




Our client required entire network distribution throughout a 5 star hotel. A high speed line was already present so we where asked to managed its distribution.

Guests where required to logon to a wireless network for internet access only. However a separate private network was required for 'premier users' to gain access to printing, databases and shared files. A total of 50 machines where to be connected to this network. Working with the in house team Attend 2 Ltd provided a solution that allowed delegates to quickly logon to the corporate network, retrieve files, print them, sign the document if required and fax it back to the sender.

Two staff where on hand to help clients in the business center as well as problem solve the machines in the various offices created for the 3 day event.




Our client rang in a panic. His telecom's provider had let him down and not installed the 4 phone lines in time for his event the following day

We couriered 2 ATAs to him which allowed him to use his existing high speed internet connection to access our VoIP servers. He had his lines 14 hours after ordering them from us!

Two weeks later the lines where installed by his telecom supplier, unfortunately the event had finished 3 days previously!