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This is the fast connection to the internet, whether its fast or slow we can get broadband to your site. Using temporary wireless links, satellite, bonded ADSL, SDSL or leased lines, if you need a connection for 1 or 9000+ machines for an hour or above we can get it to you.

The choice of the solution will be based on the requirements of speed of installation, speed of connection, if lag will be a problem (satellite only) and contentions.


On-site distribution - Temporary Networks

Once the connection is at your site (provided by us or a 3rd party) we can distribute it for you. We offer rental of switches and routers for temporary wired networks that allow for quick deployment. We can offer medium wireless solutions to distribute the connection over a large distance without running cable, which makes a temporary solution quick to setup and leaves no holes or damage behind when the job is finished.

The distribution can include secure wireless networks. We use the latest technology to control the Access points. If everybody unexpectedly tries to access the connection from one part of the network then the access points will automatically change their power to ensure a distributed load and fastest possible access to the network.

Access controllers can take payment from users if required or ensure that only authorised users can get on to the network.


Phones + CCTV

Once you have a networked site you can use it for many other services. VoIP phones allow you to have an entire corporate solution on your site. Conference calling, call forwarding, virtual receptionists and using VoIP the calls are very cheap.

CCTV can use the network allowing total control over the site or venue.


Computers + Hardware

We have desktops, laptops, servers, video conference units, faxes, photocopiers, printers - pretty much any hardware that you would need for a temporary office solution


Wireless Hotspots 

Using professional access points which are all managed from a central point allows for the simple and rapid deployment of a fault tolerant high capacity network. If one Access point fails or reaches its limit the others will automatically power up to help take the load. These units allow for 1 - 9000+ users, from small to large wireless networks, to access the internet or an internal intranet.

Customer portals to control access, charging for connection, adverts, VLAN's, guest accounts and many other flexible features are also available.


High end Network Equipment

We have switches and routers, however we also have managed switches and routing servers.  This allows you to separate the network, guest users can be given access to some parts and not others.  Customer portals can charge users to access parts of the network and not others, redundancy can also be built in.



Our servers are designed to be fast, but also as quiet as possible so they can easily be deployed in a conference environment.  They can be configured to your requirement but examples of their uses:- network attached storage (file shares), printer server, routing server (to control network access), web servers, phone servers, exchange servers and many more.

The IT needs of our clients varies so much that it is impossible to write it all down. We have a variety of kit available for hire. We tend to use linux solutions that allow cheap and stable solutions to most of our clients requests. We also have windows servers should clients require a temporary exchange solution.


We specialize in event broadband for the complete solution.


For a complete list of Event IT service please visit our main site.


Please Get in contact if you have a specific requirement not listed and we will be happy to help find a solution for it.